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Angelina Nicole Johnson Weasley's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Angelina Nicole Johnson Weasley

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March 19, 1997 [19 Aug 2003|06:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Um. It would appear as though Fred and I are going to have twins.

Now, I've yet to make the doctor's appointment to confirm it, but....well, we're fairly certain. Unbelievable, eh? Terrifying and exciting...I mean, Merlin, I was worried about one baby. Two babies...well. Yes, I'd say 'unbelievable' is the word of the moment. In a week or two, I'll pop over to St. Mungo's (*sigh* No actual popping, I'm afraid. Walking, more like. Humph.) and see a Healer to know for sure.

Kate? Alicia? Roger? Would you like to go see a Quidditch match? Oliver sent me 8 tickets to the Puddlemere United v. Chudley Cannons game. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Also would be a wicked triple-date situation. *cackle* Then when Oliver wins the game with a stunning save, we can all go out for dinner. Anyone else want to go?

EDIT: Heh, I just checked my entry, and I must say, I'm still quite enamored of my mood theme. Oh Simon, you are, indeed, awake.

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March 18, 1997 [09 Aug 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Being pregnant is ruddy awful. Nothing fits, I'm miserable, I'm either hungry or tired all the time, I ache in places I shouldn't, and I'm utterly useless to everyone.


I went to town yesterday to buy some new garbage bags maternity clothes to wear since my clothes are getting a tad tight. And what do I see? Every paper and magazine is still on about her release. Honestly. Isn't there some waterskiing budgies that are more important than that rubbish?

That sodding book is being less than helpful. I can't use any of the remedies I know, and I'm nearly out of the potion that Molly made for me, so I expect to be sick again within a day or so.

What's Going on with Mummy!
Unless your Healer or mediwitch tells you otherwise, you can continue to have sex throughout your pregnancy. Always communicate what is comfortable with your partner or spouse. Moderate exercise and frequent short breaks can help with fatigue and keep you in better shape throughout your pregnancy. The fatigue will taper off in the second trimester, but come back in the late third trimester. Suggested reading: Seasons of Change: Growing Through Pregnancy ('round the Waist and Other Places!) by Suzanne Sarms.

Right. Like I want Fred to see me like that like I am now. And fuck Suzanne Sarms--probably a bloody useless book.

Baby Development: Cells of the liver, pancreas, stomach, and lungs begin to take shape. Embryonic sac continues to fill with amniotic fluid to protect the baby. Your baby is about the size of a coffee bean! Please stay away from diet drinks and any potions containing essence of wormwood. The baby weighs about 1 gram; 4 cm in length.

I could really use a good fly. Or some good fun. I'm looking forward to that beauty pageant, though. Ha, seeing the boys dressed up will definitely raise my spirits.

Fred? Can we rent a movie?

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March 4, 1997 [05 Aug 2003|03:41pm]
[ mood | morose ]

It's not fair.

My whole life, I was told that good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. Why? Why is Dumbledore still gone? Why haven't I done a bloody thing to help find him? Why are trash like her allowed to get away with terrible things.

Is this the world I'm bringing my baby into? Fuck. I need to do something. I need to take a fly.

Happy Birthday, Ron. Hope you enjoyed Fred's gift.

I feel postively ill. And for the first time, not because of the baby.

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February 28, 1997 [30 Jul 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Being pregnant is bloody awful. I'm...I'm getting....thick around the middle. I'm still throwing up madly and the book won't let me Apparate and I have to bloody walk everywhere and I can't even ride my broom, my broom that I spent a sodding fortune on, just a couple months ago, and Fred can't love me while I'm like this and I know I'm whinging on, and I don't fucking care!

Today is just one of those days.

From that bloody book:

What's Going on with Mummy: Your hormones are going crazy: back rubs help a lot (hint hint partners!). Simple spells and charms can be harmful: ask a certified mediwizard before taking anything -- even Muggle vitamins. You may notice a metallic taste in your mouth. A paste made from highly diluted bubortubor pus and powdered root of asphodel can relieve back pain. Stay away from Muggle aspirin, and embrace your mum's old heating pads for ankle pain.

Baby Development: The inner ear is forming. Cynics say it doesn't matter but singing to baby can be fun and enjoyable -- so sing your favorite tunes. Babies heart starts to beat, though it's almost impossible to hear. Embryonic sac continues to grow -- millions of villi attach to the placenta.

The baby...can hear me? And it has a......a heartbeat?


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February 21, 1997 [21 Jul 2003|08:07pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Alright, so I've been reading this book that I picked up in Diagon Alley. It's dead useful--it's a guide to pregnancy for a witch of Muggle parentage. What to Expect When You're a Half-Blood Witch Expecting, by Fran Furtle. Honestly, they've got books for everything these days. Anyway, it's got a handy calender to follow me through my pregnancy. All I had to do was write the date of the...er...conception on the information page, and it's all customized to me. Brilliant. According to today, I need to pay attention to my mood changes.

"While moodiness is expected in the first ten weeks of pregnancy, you need to be aware that drastic changes can affect the your environment. You may find yourself unable to control your magic as well as you once did, so keep your loved ones privy to how your feeing--you don't want to end up accidentally turning your husband's nose into a cucumber like Ivana Irshkirk did in 1995. Do something for yourself--take a relaxing bath."

I'd love to go for a quick run on the broomstick. Maybe....no. No, not maybe. *sigh*

It also keeps track of how big the baby is getting, with lovely (well, some are rather odd, really) moving pictures of what the baby looks like. Today....

"Nerve development in baby begins. The embryo is beginning to develop a face, though it still looks outworldly. The baby's head, body and sac are the same size. The embryo becomes three layers. The outer layer becomes the brain, nerves, and skin. The placenta becomes fully functional. The middle layer becomes the bones, muscles, blood vessels, heart, and sex organs. The inner layer becomes the stomach, liver, intestines, lungs, and urinary tract. "

Wonderful. Just when I've finally got an appetite, they've got to use the word "placenta." Hmph. But the rest is just...amazing....

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February 15, 1997 [15 Jul 2003|11:43pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

La Resistance continues. Jacques the French Banana and Michael the Apple are having communication issues (not the least of which are the fact that they can, in fact, communicate). Jacques is heading up La Resistance, the war effort to win our kitchen back from the German peanuts and the Spanish corn, and Michael is, and I quote, "not going to take bloody orders from as ridiculous a fruit as a banana!"

*face palms*

Away from the war front, Mrs Molly sent me a potion to take care of my morning sickness. It's rather a huge difference, really. I'm walking through Hogsmeade tomorrow to look for a Wizarding Baby book. I mean, there's so much I don't know. Cheering Charms--dangerous! Who would've guessed? That would've been my first choise for when I get moody. And Apparition! I won't even think about doing it. Hell, it's going to be a long 9 months.

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February 14, 1997 [14 Jul 2003|01:03pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I've never ever felt sicker than I feel now. Except maybe for the boils. That was bloody awful.

I can't keep anything down. So much for a romantic Valentine's Day, eh, Fred?

At least the bloody marmalade is gone. *gags*

Fred, Roger, and Kate finally got the wards working properly. Fred will hardly let me get up to get my own drink--honestly, I'm pregnant, not an invalid. Although, on days like today...the couch is a pretty good place to stay.


So. I finally did make it to the kitchen.

Fred, my love, why was I hit on by a French-speaking banana?

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February 9, 1997 [09 Jul 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Life is too good to have it spoiled by her and her threats...she kept poor Padma in a bloody cage just to punish 'vati, she's a nutjob, entirely. She won't come anywhere near me or the baby, once it's born, Fred won't let her. But she still scares the hell out of me.

Kate, Roger...what's the Ministry's policy on a known criminal making threats? Not that I'm worried. Not that I'm worried at all--Fred and I are looking into having wards put up around the store. Things just aren't as safe as they ought to be anymore. And with the baby...well, we've got reason to want to be safer, don't we?

I wonder...do I have to give up Quidditch now? Bugger. I mean, I will, of course, it's the safety thing again, damn it, but...what am I going to do if I can't fly?

Mrs. Weasley still hasn't said anything about the baby.

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[07 Jul 2003|11:51pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Alright. Fred and I have an announcement to make.

I'm pregnant! We're having a baby.

I've done the math and I think I'll be due in late October.

I'm only a bit over three weeks along.

Yes, I've already been to the doctor and everythings fine. It was Quidditch practise that did it--my morning sickness kicked in all over Bartleby the Beater and one of the mediwitch's checked me out and gave me the news.

We're having a baby! And we're ecstatic about it. Please be happy for us.

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February 7, 1997 [07 Jul 2003|08:13pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Fred, d'you reckon we tell them now?

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February 6, 1997 [06 Jul 2003|07:01pm]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

Right then.

Looks like there's going to be a little Weasley running around in about eight-and-a-half month's time.

I think I need a lie down.

February 5, 1997 [05 Jul 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Oh God. Oh God.

I think I might be pregnant.

I got ragingly sick at practise today. Vomited all over Bartleby while I was finally getting the chance to lead the second reserve Chasers in a Hawkshead Formation...but I suppose that's not really the point, is it?

They pulled me down off my broom, of course, and sent a mediwitch to check me out. She examined me and asked all sorts of questions (couldn't they have sent me into a tent, at least?!) and she recommended that I go see a doctor to know for sure. She was even made me an appointment in Diagon Alley tomorrow. Dr. Abram or the like.

I can't be. Pregnant?! I mean, bloody hell, we've only been married a little over a month! And he spent how much of that month in Azkaban and then in Jamaica! It was Hawaii, then, it has to be. Smashing time, that was...

I've got to tell Fred. Merlin, what's he going to say? What's he going to think?! What am I thinking?! I...I don't even know how to knit, I can't be a mother! It's got to be a mistake. I mean...I've been late before, this is probably just....but...oh, bloody hell. We would make lovely parents, the two of us, really...

I'll go to the appointment tomorrow, and then tell Fred. No need to tell him anything before I know for sure.

Oh, I'm feeling sick again.

February 2, 1997 [02 Jul 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Bloody hell, so that's where Padma's been. Poor 'vati, I can't even imagine what she's going through...she must be stopped. Would things be as shite as they are if Dumbledore was still around? I can't even think straight, I'm so angry. Practise today was awful, I was completely off my game. Dropped the bloody quaffle three times, had to do suicide drills until my I throught my arse would fall off. I'm stressed out, I'm worried about Parvati and the rest, and I feel just...sick. I never get this ill, and I'm postively knackered. I thought about not even going to practise today, but when Fred was away in Azkaban and I didn't show up, I was...severely reprimanded.

I'm really not feeling well at all. I've got to owl Parvati her gift and find a few pairs of Extendable Ears. I'm sure that bint's goons couldn't have taken them all...

[25 Jun 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

Fred's been released and we're back home, thank God. The store is still in a complete shambles, but at least he's back. Kate was wonderful, of course, letting me stay with her. None of this would've happened if I had kept my bloody mouth shut.

Now Fred's off to Jamaica, or so it would seem. Honestly, Lee, couldn't you have given me him a few days before whisking him away? I'm glad for it, really--he deserves some time in the sun after...well.

I think I'm going to take my broom and go for a nice, long spin around the pitch. I have some thinking to do.

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January 13, 1997 [13 Jun 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | guilty, helpless, and infuriated ]

He's in Azkaban.

That bitch.

I got the note from Azkaban as I was sobbing arriving on Kate's front steps. He's been arrested, the store has been seized, all the stock is gone, and she had the...audacity to leave a card. Just a little card with my name on it, saying "Got you" on the inside. I didn't know what happened at first, I thought...I was shaking so hard I dropped it. Then the owl arrived before I got to Katie's and gave the news...

He's in prison. With those...things--bloody dementors. Because of "health violations". How could she do that to him? He...he didn't do anything to her.

It's all my fault. He's rotting in that place because of me.

And her.

January 13, 1997 [13 Jun 2003|03:39pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

He's gone and it's all my fault.

[10 Jun 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I lied. I am afraid of what she could do to all of us. Roger and Als, their reputations are important...but those boils...I wouldn't put anything past her.

I'll kill her, so help me, if she so much as comes near Fred. She can hex me into oblivion, but if she hurts anyone I love...

January 8, 1997 [08 Jun 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I told you I'd get you.

See, the problem with being one-half of a high profile and wealthy couple is all those darn paparazzi photos.

Anyone who hasn't had the *ahem* privilege of waking up next to her ever wonder how the Skank-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named looks early in the morning?Collapse )

Dear me, Pansy--you really should invest in a good conditioner.

My boils are feeling loads better, and suddenly, I feel so uplifted for some reason.

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January 4, 1997 [04 Jun 2003|11:18pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Bloody hell.

Thanks to this bitch, I've got lovely boils all over my hands and face. It's horrible not as bad as you'd think and it hurts like the fucking devil some, but I've never been hurt worse.

Fine, so maybe it wasn't such a great idea to mock the sociopath, but she fucking deserves it! My lips are hardly even lips anymore, they're...I look so ugly. I'll curse more than her hair off for this.

If anyone wants me, I'm hiding in my bedroom. I'll be the one under all the bandages.

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January 3, 1997 [03 Jun 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Some things I might do may not be things I'm proud of...

But they're damn satisfying all the same.

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